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Introduction to ssi™ artificial lift system

SSi, a subsidiary of Tundra Process Solutions Ltd., manufactures innovative surface mounted artificial lift systems for oil and gas producers. When compared with conventional artificial lift systems, SSi offers a lower cost and more efficient design capable of greater lifting capacities and longer stroke lengths. SSi currently manufactures the longest stroking reciprocating rod pump in the world.

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  • High Performance, Long Stroke & Intelligent
  • Rod Lift System
  • Optimized production
  • Reduced artificial lift costs
  • Maximizes revenue


More Control which results in lower costs

  • An Intelligent system, with Programmable pump-off control
  • Adjustable accelerations and decelerations at the top and bottom of the stroke
  • Variable speed control on the up and down stroke
  • Changes to stroke length and speed at the push of a button
  • SCADA interface for all adjustments
  • Manufactured in Calgary, Alberta
  • Long strokes
  • Soft turnarounds
  • A more efficient design

Environment and safety advantages

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Small foot print, visual profile and slow speeds are less disruptive
  • Reduced machine noise
  • Light weight and fewer interventions
  • Fewer moving parts and pinch-points compared to a traditional beam unit
  • No crane required on the Sure Stroke Intelligent™ Artificial Lift System for work-over activity
  • Simpler transportation and installation
  • No heavy mechanical counterweight

Tundra Process Solutions Ltd. was founded as an instrumentation and controls specialist in 1999. Tundra has since grown and diversified, and now provides a variety of solutions with a focus on design and integrated packages to suit industrial, light industrial and commercial process applications.
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