World’s Longest Stroke Intelligent Rod Lift System

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SSi Artificial Lift designs and manufactures the most innovative surface mounted Artificial Lift systems for Oil and Gas producers across the world.

When compared with traditional Artificial Lift systems, SSi’s patented design offers greater lift capacities and the longest stroking pump in the world. These unique features result in higher well optimization and production.

SSi offers training, technical service, installation, and well monitoring – both on-site, and remotely.

We are passionate about providing custom experiences that support our mission of increasing well production through technology and innovation.

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Well Focused, Best For Well – SSi equipment is specifically design and sized to meet your individual well requirements while optimizing efficiency and production.

Safety, No Shortcuts – From the shop floor to the field, safety is a mandatory requirement that we hold as a pinnacle core value.

Be Nimble – We believe in delivering quality service, safely and efficiently.

Make it Right – We won’t stop until we’ve done our absolute best to solve any client concern.

Innovation, Next Generation Thinking – SSi is consistently developing new products and technologies to maximize production and extend the life of your downhole equipment.


  • High Performance, Long Stroke & Intelligent
  • Rod Lift System
  • Optimized production
  • Reduced artificial lift costs
  • Maximizes revenue


More Control which results in lower costs

  • An Intelligent system with Programmable pump-off control
  • Adjustable accelerations and decelerations at the top and bottom of the stroke
  • Variable speed control on the up and down stroke
  • Changes to stroke length and speed at the push of a button
  • SCADA interface for all adjustments
  • Long strokes
  • Soft turnarounds
  • Efficient Design


  • Lower energy consumption
  • Small foot print, visual profile and slow speeds are less disruptive
  • Reduced machine noise
  • Light weight and fewer interventions
  • Fewer moving parts and pinch-points compared to a traditional beam unit
  • No crane required on the Sure Stroke Intelligent Artificial Lift System for work-over activity
  • Simpler transportation and installation
  • No heavy mechanical counterweight