SSi Artificial Lift designs and manufactures rod lift systems with a long stroke, that provide clients with additional production while extending the longevity of the downhole equipment.

On average, the SSi Lift Systems can produce more fluid production with half of the equivalent strokes required by conventional beam pumps.

One of the unique parts of our Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Program is that we test each unit under the exact load conditions that are expected to be at each specific wellsite. All units are exposed to the loads and strokes per minute that will produce the previously calculated fluid volumes from the well for the duration of one day.

This gives the SSi Units a unique market advantage and helps to forecast and prevent any unnecessary or premature failures.

To support this, SSi has designed, manufactured, and implemented a unique Load Tester within the facility of Calgary, Canada, that allows for a unique market advantage.

*SSi’s FAT Testing Program tests the following models: Model 250, Model 350, Model 400, Model 400 LS, Model 600 & Model 800. The unit can pull loads up to 50,000 Lbs. to simulate the Peak Polish Rod Loads with over 6 strokes per minute (SMP).*