Sure Stroke Intelligent Lift Systems (SSi), a Tundra Process Solutions Company, has responded to market demand for intelligent, ultra long-stroke artificial lift equipment capable of increased oil production at reduced operating costs. SSi has completed design and construction of the longest stroke-length artificial lift system in the world.

The newly released SSi Model 350 reciprocating rod pump system is capable of handling peak polish rod loads up to 35,000 lbs at a 372 inch stroke length. At full load, the unit can operate at over 6 strokes per minute and offers a more cost effective solution and increased production when compared with large (conventional) beam pumps and many other artificial lift system designs.

When compared with conventional beam pump technology, the SSi system’s ultra-long stroke and adjustable-speed operation will allow oil producers to obtain desired pump production at lower peak loads with fewer cycles. The operational lifespan of the rod system and downhole pump is extended while tubing wear is mitigated. As a result, total power required to produce equivalent fluid volumes is reduced. In addition to these increased operational efficiencies, the SSi system is not wellhead mounted so readiness for workover requires no cranes or additional manpower and takes only 15 minutes. SSi equipment is easily setup, often in less than four hours, and full installation cost and operational cost is much lower than competitive equipment. The result is an improved return on investment for oil producers – critical in times of oil market pricing uncertainty.

“We have full optimization control through the use of intelligence built into the system, so pumping speeds and stroke lengths can be changed instantaneously without any shutdown of production”, says Dave Kennedy, CEO of SSi. “This allows the customer to maximize production by matching well productivity with pumping capacity, whereas other forms of lift require major intervention, large operating costs and deferred production in order to do this” says Kennedy, adding “The culture within Tundra and SSi is to provide unique solutions to the oil and gas industry and this new design is a great example of a better way and a better future for artificial lift. We are proud that this was designed, developed, built and tested right here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada”.

SSi Artificial Lift Systems are capable of working loads to 80,000 lbs and offer stroke lengths from 240 inches to an industry leading 372 inches.

About SSi and Tundra Process Solutions Ltd.

SSi Artificial Lift Systems a Tundra Process Solutions Ltd. Tundra Process Solutions Ltd was founded in 1999 and provides a variety of industrial and light-industrial process equipment with a focus on packaged solutions. Tundra specializes in instrumentation & controls, boilers & steam generation, water treatment, motors & drives, valves & actuation, artificial lift, panels & buildings, and more. Tundra has been recognized as an Imagine Company, one of Canada’s Best Managed companies, and is a proud supporter of Kids Cancer Care.