A Major International Oil Company in North Dakota recently installed an SSi Model 600 (containing a 125 Horse Power Control Unit), on an already existing well, where a conventional Beam Pump was producing approximately 40 barrels per day.

Because of the small footprint of the SSi Units, the Model 600 was able to easily fit into the existing well pad with minimum modification and requiring only 6 layers of foundation for the equipment.

The Model 600 has a 336-inch stroke, allowing increased production, and are now producing over 130 barrels per day. This is an increase of over 300% from the same well, at only 3.3 strokes per minute. This is substantially less than what was required by the conventional beam pump, which extends the life of the rods and downhole pumps.

When comparing the SSi unit to the conventional beam pump, the client was able to benefit from:

• Installation time was reduced from 18 to 4 hours
• A major concrete pad was not required for the install
• The install only required one truck
• Reduced cost for workover or rod/pump changeout
• Longer Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) of rods and downhole pumps
• Reduced layers of foundation required
• Reduced electrical consumption

“The installation for these SSi units is significantly easier when compared to the standard ones. There are only six layers of foundation that are drilled, and that is all the work that needs to be done, and the rest is easy. I have no doubt that multiple installations could be done in one day! There is an extreme cost saving on the construction, as well as maintenance.” – Client

In summary, SSi was able to reduce the overall cost of the well, while increasing production for the client. In less than 60 days the client was able to see a return on capital investment.


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